USNS Comfort Cruises Into New York Harbor


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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The USNS arrived Monday in New York Harbor, carrying much-needed hospital beds, equipment and personnel to relieve some of the burden on local health care facilities.

President Donald Trump went to Norfolk on Saturday to see Comfort leave for New York, saying, “This great ship behind me is a 70,000-ton message of hope and solidarity to the incredible people of New York.” (RELATED: Hospital Ship Comfort Is Headed To NYC, But Will The Harbor Be Deep Enough To Fit It?)

Comfort is expected to take on as many non-coronavirus patients as possible in an effort to free up the local first responders and health care workers to focus on fighting the pandemic on the ground.

The floating hospital had previously deployed in September of 2019 to assist the Bahamas in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian and in July of 2019 to treat Venezuelan refugees in Peru.