‘Check Yourself’: Cornell West Explodes On Leo Terrell As ‘Hannity’ Segment Goes Sideways

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Harvard professor Cornel West unloaded on civil rights attorney Leo Terrell during an explosive Tuesday segment of “Hannity.”

West and Terrell joined host Sean Hannity to discuss recent calls for police departments to be “defunded,” and the debate got heated right from the start. (RELATED: Joy Behar Agrees With Sean Hannity, Says That’s Proof That ‘Things Are Bad’)


Hannity began by listing the projectiles that had been hurled at law enforcement officers during two weeks of protests over the death of George Floyd. He noted that well over 700 police officers had been injured as they performed their duties amid protests that in some cases gave way to violent riots.

“Do you support this madness of defunding the police?” Hannity asked.

West answered first, changing the subject briefly to draw attention to Floyd’s funeral service, which had been held in Houston earlier in the day. “This has been a very heavy day for many of us,” he said.

West went on to argue that the real problem was schools that were run down and police departments that were not being held accountable by the people. “I’m sorry, but there has to be democratic control over the police,” he added.

Hannity pointed out the fact that many of the major cities where riots and looting had been a problem were led by Democrats — and had been for years.

Terrell jumped in then, saying that West was more interested in giving “old talking points” than in answering the question at hand. “I will speak to you, black man to a black man. There is looting going on, and you tried — it is my turn. You are trying to conflate protesting and police misconduct. And shame on you. You are absolutely wrong,” Terrell said as West repeatedly attempted to talk over him.

“Are you a Christian? Are you a Christian too?” West asked. “Then check yourself, negro!”

Terrell visibly recoiled, saying, “Oh, my God. You have lost control. You are a dinosaur. You have lost it, sir. I am not part of your group. I am not part of your group. You have lost it, you are a dinosaur. You are wrong.”

The two continued talking over each other for several minutes, leaving Hannity to wrap up the segment with an apology. “A little out of control, I tried,” he said.