CNN Catches California Homeless Woman Dropping Drawers For Relief Live On Air

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A live shot from a reporter checking in to “CNN Newsroom” on Monday inadvertently showed what appeared to be a California woman dropping her pants to relieve herself.

Around ten minutes into the program, CNN anchor Kate Bolduan checked in with reporter Sara Sidner, who was on the beach in Santa Monica, California.

“What are you seeing where you are?” asked Bolduan.

“These are the beaches of Santa Monica, right now, most folks are adhering to all of the rules with the masks and the self distancing here,” Sidner said.

As Sidner reported on coronavirus hospitalization rates in the state, someone walking along the beach carrying a plastic bag paused just to her left, put down what she was carrying, and proceeded to de-pant and presumably pee or take a dump. (RELATED: Judge Napolitano: Governments ‘Do Not Have The Authority’ To Mandate Mask-Wearing)


The segment then showed Sidner and Bouldan side by side, but it wasn’t clear if that was because the camera operator saw what was happening.