This Portable Light Sets The Mood For Summer And It’s Over 20% Off

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Lamps usually aren’t something most people get excited about, but occasionally there comes along a design that really shakes things up and makes you want to kick your more boring, traditional lamps to the curb.

Introducing the MOGICS Coconut, a portable, waterproof light that proves a little glow goes a long way. Unlike stationary lamps, this little wonder is impressively portable, free of any cords or visible switches. With an enchanting glow and the shape of a sphere, you can take the MOGICS Coconut lamp with you to light up spaces on the go. Simply choose from four of the gadget’s brightness modes to help set the mood, wherever you are.

Along with its eye-pleasing glow, the lamp’s durability is definitely worth noting. Thanks to its silicone make, it’s virtually unbreakable — even when your cat pushes it off the table and onto the floor. And if you choose to take it around the house or out and about, it folds down for ultimate portability. Plus, the fact that it runs on a 330mAh lithium polymer battery means it’ll last a while, and can recharge three ways.

After its successful stint on Kickstarter where it managed to raise a whopping $105,009, more and more people are turning to the MOGICS Coconut as a fun, modern alternative to traditional lighting. Check out what people are saying about it online!

“The MOGICS Coconut Light is nice product and it works well. The Coconut met my expectations based on the product description. Arrived on time.” – Kenny S.
“Super cool! Got one for my brother for his birthday and had to get one for me too because I thought it was to neat! It works just as described! “- Marguerite C.
The MOGICS Coconut: Portable Waterproof Light is just $36.99 down from $50 for a limited time!
Prices subject to change.
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