‘Shouldn’t You Have Known By Then?’: Chris Wallace Presses Karen Bass On 2016 Castro Statement

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Fox News anchor Chris Wallace pressed Democratic California Rep. Karen Bass about her 2016 statement praising former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

“The passing of the Comandante En Jefe is a great loss to the people of Cuba,” Bass wrote in November 2016 after Castro’s death.

During Bass’ Sunday morning appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” Wallace noted that the California congresswoman has “taken heat” for the statement and likely should “have known” that Castro was unworthy of praise.

“What many people may not know is that in fact, you visited Cuba eight times during the 1970s,” he said. “What was it about Castro and Cuba that you found so appealing at that time and do you now regret your involvement and considerable time spent in a communist dictatorship?”


“First of all, when I went to Cuba over 40 years ago when I was in my teens and early 20s, I went to help the Cuban people, we were building houses,” Bass responded. “The other reason why I went was to meet and work with Americans from around the country that were involved in a lot of different social issues.”

Bass, who has recently had to explain pro-Scientology remarks, defended her “involvement in Cuba” as centering “on health care and promoting democracy” before contending that she knows “an awful lot more now.”

“So my perspective has definitely developed over time,” she said after explaining various aspects of her involvement.

“You make it sound as if this was just — when you were young and irresponsible, you were young and irresponsible. You put out that message about Castro’s death six years — four years ago in 2016. Shouldn’t you have known by then that Castro’s death was not a great loss to the Cuban people?” Wallace pressed. (RELATED: Rep. Karen Bass Wants New Stay-At-Home Orders In Los Angeles, Implies Mask Wearing Isn’t Enough)

“I absolutely would have not put that statement out and I will tell you that after talking to my colleagues who represent the state of Florida, raised those concerns with me, lesson learned, would not do that again for sure,” responded Bass.