Republican Candidate John Anthony Castro: Unlimited Student Loan Tax Credit And Health Insurance Cost Reduction

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A Georgetown University Law alum, attorney, and entrepreneur, republican candidate John Anthony Castro ran for the 2020 U.S. senate election in Texas. During the election, Castro primarily focused on issues related to education, healthcare, jobs, and tax-free retirement for senior citizens.

Aged 32, Castro represented and addressed the concerns of the millennial generation, emphasizing the cause of student debt. He strongly believes that a well-educated population is critical for the survival of a nation and that education is a right, not a luxury afforded by few. Castro advocates the expansion of public education to cover Pre-K to Ph.D. paid through the creation of a new privatized social security and full unlimited tax credit for student loan repayment for both principal and interest. According to him, an introduction of an online university with pre-recorded courses delivered by the legends in the respective fields would significantly reduce the cost of education and offer an opportunity to every student to pursue quality education regardless of socioeconomic background, thereby increasing the percentage of highly educated individuals in the U.S. 

Apart from education, health insurance cost is another issue that Castro has vocalized. He states, ” Reducing the health insurance cost requires a multi-faceted approach to make it affordable and accessible to all citizens. My proposal to drive down the cost includes the implementation of the unlimited tax credit for student loan repayment that would result in a surplus of doctors, creation of GSE Health Insurance Company utilizing a business model, and mandatory use of generic brands after patents expire.”

Castro has achieved immense success and recognition in several fields. Born in Kaiserslautern, Germany, in a middle-class military family, he later moved to Laredo, Texas. Castro completed his graduation in B.A from Texas A&M International University and earned his LL.M with a specialization in international tax law from Georgetown University Law Center, Washington D.C. 

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In 2014, he launched Castro & Co., providing legal counsel on international tax and estate planning to clients all over the world. Owing to his innovative business model, the firm began generating massive revenue resulting in an increased net worth of more than 20 million dollars. He has also received accolades for the creation of AiTax, a software program that engages with users to identify tax planning opportunities concerning personal income tax planning. Castro has authored several legal articles including the International Tax Online Law Journal, that has gained recognition by NYU Law as an authoritative source for legal articles. His book, International Taxation in Plain English, is used as a textbook at the R.H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland. 

A visionary, Castro is passionate about revolutionizing the system and serving his country as a leader.

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