Listen Up: We’ve Found The 10 Best Summer Deals On Bluetooth Speakers!

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Whether you’re having a BBQ in the backyard or are rockin’ out as you do chores around the house, good Bluetooth speakers can make a huge difference between an okay time and an awesome one. And lucky for you, we found 10 of the best deals on fantastic Bluetooth speakers.

Tiki Torch Bluetooth LED Light Up Speaker – $39.99

When it comes to a dynamic Bluetooth speaker, this one takes the cake. Boasting a candle-like glow and high-fidelity audio you can hear within a 33-foot range, this little guy is ideal for all your outdoor adventures this summer. And thanks to its rechargeable battery, you can enjoy the tiki torch-like speaker for up to six continuous hours at a time.

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Marshall® Stanmore II Wireless Smart Speaker – $279.99

Nothing says killer sound like Marshall®, right? With a whopping 4.5/5-star rating on Amazon, this wireless smart speaker lets you control everything without ever using your hands. Compatible with one of the world’s leading smart systems, Alexa, you’ll have access to tons of music, and can ask the speaker to play just about anything you want with simple voice commands.

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Big Sound Wireless Speaker – $62.99

Want a speaker that can keep up with you? This one by Big Sound can last up to a whopping 10 hours per charge, making it ideal for parties and more. And thanks to its easy auto-paring capabilities, you’ll have access to all your music and podcasts — it even remembers the last device you paired it with for an even more effortless connection. Plus, with its attached LED lights, you can enjoy a little light show to match your favorite tunes.

This speaker is on sale for a limited time, here!

Tivoo-Max Smart Alarm Clock & Speaker – $149.99

This speaker features a strong 40W 2.1 stereo speaker, booming bass, and an old school pixel art display, making it a treat for both the ears and the eyes! Along with its fantastic sound quality, this gadget is an excellent sleep aid, boasting a real-life sunrise simulation as an alarm and built-in white noise tracks.

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Marshall® Acton II Wireless Smart Speaker – $219.99

If you loved the other Marshall® wireless speaker on our list, you’ll dig this one that lets you control your entire home’s smart system in one convenient spot. Thanks to its Action II Voice interface and Alexa capabilities, you can ask the speaker for info about your favorite bands while simultaneously controlling your home’s lights, thermostat, and more. Oh, and your music will sound awesome on this thing, by the way.

Snag it here for 26% off its normal price.

The Barnacle PRO 100% Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker – $41.99

Summer’s all about taking a dip in the pool and putting your toes in the ocean — and thanks to this water-compatible speaker, you can do it all while rocking out to your favorite jams. Not only is this thing safe to use in and around water, but it can work independently from a smart device and is capable of housing up to 2,000 downloadable songs! Plus, it boasts an impressive 8 hours of continuous play per charge.

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Resound XL: Portable Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker – $23.99

If you’re worried about your wireless speaker running out of juice in the middle of your party, this gadget’s the answer to your prayers. In addition to its incredible 30 hours of battery life (seriously), it features a unique triangle-shaped design, giving your music that booming, dynamic bass you crave. And thanks to its lightweight build, you can take this thing just about anywhere with you — it’s even iOs and Android compatible.

Get this super-portable speaker for 65% off here.

3-Port Smart Phone Charger with Speaker – $39.99

If you’re a creature of convenience, say hello to your new dream device: a 3-port charger with a speaker built right into its base! Whether it hangs out on the kitchen counter or your bedroom nightstand, this thing is great for ensuring all your gadgets stay juiced up while you listen to your favorite tunes, podcasts, and more. And thanks to its integrated Smart Current Detection (SCD), it automatically adjusts its current flow so that all your devices get the charge they need.

Click here to get this 3-in-1 charger and speaker for nearly half-off.

Crave Curve 20W Bluetooth 4.2 Speaker – $67.99

With a super-easy set-up, 10 hours of battery power per charge, and incredible sound clarity thanks to its dual sound drivers, this wireless speaker is a must-have for all your summer gatherings. And as if that all wasn’t enough, it also features a built-in microphone so you can answer calls without ever having to fiddle with your phone.

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Urbanears Rålis Portable Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker – $109.99

Just because this thing doesn’t fit into your back pocket doesn’t mean it’s not a great portable speaker. In fact, its big size and implemented Blumlein multi-directional technique give your music a rich, spacial sound you wouldn’t normally find with portable speakers. Praised by Forbes, Techradar, and more, this to-go speaker is capable of pairing with two devices simultaneously, taking your DJ duties up a few notches. And with over 20 hours of play per charge, you can bet this thing brings on the party.

For 45% off, this speaker’s a total steal! Get it here.

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