‘His Real Home Is A Place He … Never Leaves Anymore’: Trump Jabs At Biden

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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President Donald Trump jabbed at Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden during Friday’s 2020 Council for National Policy meeting.

Trump panned the Democratic National Convention, which had just ended the night before, calling it the “gloomiest” convention in history. He then set his sights on Biden, mocking him first for referring to Pennsylvania as “home” and then for never leaving home. (RELATED: PATRIOTS: Breaking Down Hillary Clinton’s DNC Speech)


Trump began by attacking Biden’s position on fracking, saying, “If you look at what they are doing, Biden, he wants to end fracking, end petroleum products, end petroleum. No natural gas, no nothing, end everything. That’s it. How does that work in Texas? How does that work in Pennsylvania?”

“I was in Pennsylvania yesterday,” Trump continued. “A place that he said he was born in, which is true, but he left when he was, like, nine years old. So he left a long time ago. He left seven decades ago.”

“He still calls it his home,” the audience laughed as Trump kept going. “His real home is a place he never leaves anymore.”

“He never leaves the outskirts of that state. You think he’d go a little bit, it’s not that far. He never leaves.” Trump then pivoted to say that, in addition to ending fracking and drilling, a Biden administration would put an end to the Second Amendment — which prompted boos from the audience.

“That alone should win you the election. I don’t know,” Trump added.

With that the crowd applauded again and broke into a chant, saying, “Four more years! Four more years! Four more years!”