‘F**k Off’: 5 Parrots Removed From British Wildlife Park For Cursing

(Photo credit VINCENT MAYANJA/AFP via Getty Images)

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Five parrots were removed from the public view at a British wildlife park for cursing at customers.

“It just went ballistic, they were all swearing,” Lincolnshire Wildlife Park chief executive Steve Nichols told CNN Tuesday. “We were a little concerned about the children.”

The birds began swearing at customers and staff just days after they all individually were donated to the park, according to CNN.

The African grey parrots, known as Eric, Jade, Elsie, Tyson and Billy were quarantining together before being placed on display, per the report.

However, it appears the birds had one thing in common – an affinity for cursing.

“I get called a fat t**t every time I walk past,” Nichols said.

“They literally, within a very short period of time, starting swearing at each other,” he continued. ” ‘F**k off’ is the most common one,” Nichols said, according to CNN. “It’s a very easy one for them to learn.”

Nichols said while the birds may have their share of favorite expletives, they’ll say “anything you can think of.”

Luckily visitors weren’t too bothered by the foul-mouthed birds.

“The visitors were giving them as much back as what they were giving to them,” Nichols said, per CNN.

Nichols said the group of birds would encourage the language “to trigger reaction or a response” from guests, according to BBC.

“With the five, one would swear and another would laugh and that would carry on,” Nichols said, per BBC.

However, staff decided to split the gang up and remove them from public view until their language is more family-friendly. Nichols said he hopes that the birds will learn new language by hanging with other birds, but says it could be bad if one of the five start teaching swear words to other parrots, per BBC. (RELATED: Police Take Parrot Into Custody After It Tries To Help Drug Dealers Escape)

The wildlife park has made headlines before, with one of their parrots, Chico, stealing the spotlight from Beyonce with his rendition of ‘If I Were A Boy’ back in August.

African grey parrots are known for their ability to speak and mimic humans if raised by humans, according to SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment.