BEHRENS: Biden’s Latest Green Flip-Flop Means One Thing — He Thinks We’re Stupid

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Larry Behrens Contributor
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The fact Joe Biden is trying to rebrand himself as an environmental moderate proves one thing: he really thinks we’re stupid.

During the first presidential debate, Biden told the world he suddenly doesn’t support the radical Green New Deal. However, his fake run to the center is no surprise to those who have followed his fumbling green flip-flops over the last year or even the last month.

In the very last Democratic debate, Biden quickly agreed with Bernie Sanders in saying he wants to ban all new fracking in the United States. Then, just a few short months later, Biden had to face the very energy workers who use fracking to deliver power to our country, where he flipped and said he’s now against a full fracking ban.

The message is simple: No matter if you’re an oil worker from rural America or a socialist congresswoman from New York, Joe Biden needs you to believe he agrees with you about everything.

To be fair, Joe Biden is consistent in his support for fracking under very special circumstances. First, the fracking has to take place in Ukraine. Second, the company doing the fracking has to be delivering his son a paycheck. However, if you’re an energy worker in the United States and you’re not related to Joe Biden, your job is on the chopping block.

After Tuesday’s debate it’s going to be hard for Joe Biden to explain how he is against the Green New Deal even though his running mate sponsored the bill in the Senate. Biden would have us believe he either didn’t know Senator Harris is a major supporter of extreme environmentalism, or that we’re too stupid to figure it out.

The worst part of Biden’s green shell game is what his plan would actually mean for America. On Tuesday night, Biden wanted us all to know he has a different plan than the Green New Deal, but it’s clear he didn’t expect anyone outside of a supportive Chris Wallace to read it.

Spoiler: under the Biden “please don’t call it the Green New Deal” plan, Americans will have to buy a new electric vehicle in the near future while watching their power bill skyrocket. The plan is so extreme, even Biden’s strongest supporters want no part of it.

In energy-rich New Mexico, the Democratic congresswoman who said she will vote for Biden said the plan he supports is “out of touch with the reality on the ground.” The state’s governor, who Biden appointed to lead his transition team, has floated the idea of seeking a waiver from the Biden plan if he’s elected. Keep in mind, those are Biden’s supporters.

For everyone else, Biden expects us to believe he can please Bernie Sanders and AOC while not destroying millions of energy jobs. And if we believe that, we are truly stupid.

Larry Behrens is the Western States Director for Power The Future, an organization fighting for America’s Energy Workers. He is a former journalist and previously served as Communications Director for New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez. You can find him on Twitter at @larrybehrens and @PTFNewMexico or email at larry@powerthefuture.com.