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‘Queen Of Guns’ Provides Survival Tips To Daily Caller Patriots

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Orin Julie, also known as the ‘Queen of Guns,’ has survival tips for the Daily Caller Patriots amid civil and political unrest.

“I believe that if you are allowed to own a firearm in the United States — go get yourself a firearm,” Julie said. “But it’s not enough.”

She added, “you need to be trained. You need to go through shooting courses. I myself did a lot of shooting courses.”

“It is fun, but you need to learn also self-defense,” Julie said. “You need to know how to use it while in stress. This is the most problematic thing.”

Orin continued, “when you are under attack or something like this, your heart rate is going up. You need to learn how to control it.”

“You need to really learn self-defense. It’s not enough to only own a firearm” she said. (RELATED: ‘Terror Tunnel’ Discovered Stretching From Gaza To Israel)


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