Belarus Police Use Stun Grenades On 100,000 Protesters Demanding President Resign

Kimberly Eade Contributor
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Over 100,000 protesters in Minsk, Belarus marched the capital demanding President Alexander Lukashenko’s resignation Sunday.

Protesters set an ultimatum: either Lukashenko resigns by midnight, or there would be a national strike, according to Al Jazeera. Police arrived hours before the ultimatum expired. (RELATED: Lawyer For Opposition Leader Kolesnikova Reportedly Detained In Belarus Amid Contested Election, Mass Protests)

Minsk, Belarus. October 4, 2020 Peaceful protests against government violence and election rigging in central Minsk, Belarus. More than 100 thousand people gathered at the protest actions. Alex Pilgrim /

Videos show protesters marching with Belarusian flags on Sunday as the city heard loud bangs and saw bright flashes.

Explosions from stun grenades began at night, and show protesters moving from police, Al Jazeera reported. Riot control weapons were worn by police, and several arrests were made. (RELATED: Kyrgyzstan President Reportedly Deploys Military Forces As Protests Intensify)

This is the 11th week of protests in Belarus due to the election results from August 9.

Presidential officials say Lukashenko earned a 6th term from 80% support; however, protesters believe the elections were rigged.

Center for European Policy Studies CEO Karel Lannoo believes these protests put massive pressure on Lukashenko to resign.

“Sooner or later he will have to step down,” Lannoo told Al Jazeera