Impossible Foods Burgers Available In 600 Sobeys Stores Across Canada

Elizabeth Louise Contributor
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Impossible foods plant-based burgers will be available in nearly 600 Sobeys Inc. grocery stores in Canada and available for purchase online beginning this week, the plant-based retailer announced in a statement Monday, according to The Financial Post.

Impossible Foods announced in a statement that Sobeys will be the official retailer of the plant-based burgers until Feb 2021, according to The Financial Post.

Sobeys is the second largest food retailer in Canada with over 1,400 locations.

The plant-based burger by Impossible Foods initially debuted in a dozen of the top restaurants throughout Canada, and is now widely available throughout the country in more than 450 restaurants, according to the statement by Impossible Foods.

In order to garner more attention for the plant-based burger in Asia, Impossible Foods started selling their fake beef burgers in grocery stores Tuesday throughout Hong Kong and Singapore before moving into China’s mainland market, according to The Financial Post.

The key ingredient in the Impossible Burger, heme, which is made from yeast, is what requires approval to be served in China, according to The Financial Post. (RELATED: Whoopi Goldberg Loves Her Bacon -Rips PETA For Criticism)

Impossible Foods and their Los Angeles based rival, Beyond Meat Inc., have both made deals with high profile restaurant chains like, Subway, KFC and Burger King in order to promote their meatless food options.