Anti-Lockdown Protests Erupt Across Northern Italy

REUTERS/Massimo Pinca

Kimberly Eade Contributor
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Protests broke out Monday across northern Italy after the government put new lockdown orders in place as a response to a spike in coronavirus cases.

Around 2,500 protesters arrived Monday in the northern city of Turin to express opposition with new coronavirus restrictions, police said according to CNN. Business owners and others joined together to peacefully protest, but some began looting.

Protesters threw stones, bottles and firecrackers at police. Police then used tear gas on demonstrators, and ultimately arrested ten people. Around 10 officers were injured during the demonstration, CNN reported.

Similar protests broke out in Milan, and police dispersed crowds with tear gas.

A fire is seen as people protest against the new restrictions introduced by the government to curb the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) infections, in Turin, Italy, October 26, 2020. REUTERS/Massimo Pinca

Under the new orders, restaurants must close by 6 p.m. and no more than four people can sit together at once. Even eating in public must stop after 6 p.m. Movie theaters and gyms must close, but museums may remain open. Wedding and funeral gatherings are also banned under these new restrictions, CNN reported. RELATED: (Dr. Fauci Comes Close To Recommending Complete Shutdown Of Bars And Restaurants)

Since the beginning of the coronavirus, more than half a million people in Italy have been diagnosed with the virus and close to 40,000 have died, according to CNN. New coronavirus cases were steady until October, when the country faced a massive spike, doubling the amount of new cases every week.

“If this November we respect all these new rules we will be able to keep the epidemic curve under control… and face December, and the Christmas holidays with greater serenity,” Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said during a press conference.