Save 25% On This Multifunctional Sewing Machine

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When it comes to little sewing projects or quick fix-it jobs around the house, having an easy-to-use gadget on hand makes all the difference. If you’ve ever tried to mend a curtain or hem a pair of jeans completely by hand, you know this all too well.

Whether you’re sewing garments from scratch, mending fabrics around the house, or putting a button back onto a sweater, a great sewing machine is always appreciated. And while there are lots of different machines out there to choose from, none of them are quite as dynamic or easy-to-use as the 301 Multifunctional Electric Micro Sewing Machine.

A great option for beginning sewers and experienced menders alike, this multifunctional wonder of a machine can handle just about anything you throw at it. That’s because it features a wide range of operations, ideal for sewing pretty much any type of fabric, including curtains, bed linens, jeans, and even insoles — just to name a few.

It’s this incredible versatility that makes this multifunctional sewing machine a must-have tool around the house — especially since its compact size allows it to fit just about anywhere. No matter what project you’re tackling, you can bet this machine has the exact setting you need to get the job done. In fact, it even supports circular sewing, which is often required for sewing on the pockets or cuffs of trousers.

Included with the machine itself, you’ll also receive a power cord, foot pedal, a threading needle, five lock cylinders, a pin, and test leather. In other words: you’ll be ready to go the second you plug this thing in!

For a limited time, the 301 Multifunctional Electric Micro Sewing Machine is a whopping 25% off its regular price, making it just $89.95.

Price subject to change.

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