Look And Feel Beautiful With This Discounted Hollywood-Style Vanity Mirror

Emily Lynch Contributor
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Every makeup enthusiast knows all too well that having the correct lighting is key to a great makeup routine. Standard bathroom or bedroom lighting simply doesn’t suffice when you’re trying to create an artistic masterpiece. If you’ve been looking for the solution to an incomplete makeup routine, check out the Fenchilin Large Hollywood-Style Vanity Mirror with Lights.

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It’s time to be treated like the shining star you are! This sleek, hollywoodesque makeup mirror has 15 LED light bulbs with adjustable brightness and colors, allowing you to create a flawless makeup routine just like the movie stars. The different bulb settings range from a warm yellow, day light, to cool light. If you’re searching for a more delicate look, the yellow light will be an awesome choice. On the other hand, if you’re prepping to go out to a party with friends, the cool light will help bring out those bright eyeliner or eyeshadow colors.

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The detachable mirror base will sit on any desk or table without scratching the finish. In the future if you decide you want to save space on your table or desk, this product can be mounted to any wall. How convenient is that? Additionally, this mirror is equipped with a USB port. Fenchilin understands that works of art take time to complete, and having a place to plug in your phone while your working your magic is essential.

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This product has been given 5-stars from more than 1,300 customers. If this doesn’t impress you, listen to what some customers have to say about their purchase:

“I am EXTREMELY HAPPY WITH MY PURCHASE! It’s extremely large which I love because I’m reading my room and I’m making a vanity area for my makeup for my channel and I needed a great setup and this is it. ”

“This mirror is so worth it. The price is great and the quality of it is great as well. The size and length of it is perfect for my preference. It’s not too big nor small. Looks amazing! I’m so happy with this purchase. It was also really easy to assemble. Came with all the attachments that are needed. I’m also obsessed with how you can change the lighting of it.”

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