Save Big On This Gotham Steel Cookware Set During Cyber Week

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Few things are less annoying than having to scrape crusty food off a pan. Not to mention the fact that you add tons of extra oil to whatever you’re cooking to ensure that that doesn’t happen. And to add insult to injury, many pots and pans release toxic chemicals the second they get scratched, putting you right in harm’s way every time you cook something to eat.

When it comes to non-stick cookware, nothing compares to Gotham Steel. Boasting some of the newest technology in non-stick cookware, Gotham Steel’s pots and pans make food prep a total breeze, letting ingredients slide on and off, without you ever having to scrape a thing. That’s because these pieces are lined with Ti-Cerama coating, never letting any food stick to the surface of the cookware.

While one non-stick pan would be great, an entire set of this easy-to-use cookware would be even better! And lucky for you, Gotham Steel has an entire line of non-stick goodies that make working in the kitchen an enjoyable experience again. And in addition to the set’s deep-square pan and two large round frying pans, you’ll also get a handy steamer tray, frying basket, and a recipe book to spice up your everyday meals.

All the cookware is incredibly versatile and can even withstand up to 500-degree heat in the oven. And since they’re safe to use with metal utensils, you never have to worry about scratching them by mistake. Plus, all your meals will be instantly healthier thanks to the fact that you never have to grease up the pan with extra butter and oil.

Toting 4/5 stars on Amazon, the Gotham Steel Cookware Set is quickly becoming a must-have in kitchens all over the country — especially with all that holiday cooking just around the corner.

Check out the awesome reviews people have been leaving about the cookware online!

“I LOVE THESE POTS AND PANS. I cook at home every night, and I got tired of buying a new set every 6-8 months because they wear down so bad or start peeling the coating or whatever. These are fantastic!” – Shae F.

“Best thing I ever did for my kitchen.” – Patti Smith

“Copper cookware allows me to be the laziest cook I can be.” – Olivia L. Davis

For a limited time, you can get the Gotham Steel™ Cookware Set for an extra 15% off at just $50.99 when you use the coupon code DEC15 at check-out!

Prices subject to change.


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