‘I Wasn’t Drunk’: Election Fraud Witness Swears She Was Not Intoxicated At Hearing

(Photo by JEFF KOWALSKY/AFP via Getty Images)

Alex Corey Contributor
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Melissa Carone, an IT contractor for Dominion Voting Systems who served as a witness during a Michigan state House hearing last week, claims she wasn’t “drunk,” after her testimony has gone viral.

Carone, 33, told Steven Fabian of Inside Edition that she would “swear under oath she wasn’t drunk” even though her slurred speech and nonsensical accusations at the hearing made some think otherwise.

Carone made claims during the hearing that there were “zero registered voters” in Wayne County’s poll book and the votes were off by 30,000, which she later increased to 100,000.

When Republican Michigan state Rep. Steve Johnson told Carone that there was no evidence of the poll book being off by 30,000 — like she initially claimed — Carone replied, “What’d you guys do? Take it and… do something crazy to it?”

“I know what I saw and I signed something saying that if I’m wrong I can go to prison,” she added. “Did you?”

Many people on Twitter poked fun at Carone’s  behavior, accusing the witness of acting intoxicated.

“If you google ‘drunk woman’ #melissacarone comes up #1,” wrote one user.

“Trump’s star witness is a Myrtle Beach drunk,” wrote another.

During the interview, Fabian also brought up Carone’s criminal past. In 2018 Carone emailed sexually explicit videos to her fiance’s ex-wife and she was charged with obscenity, according to Inside Edition. She later had the charges dropped after completing probation.

She told Fabian that she didn’t know if Trump’s legal team knew about her criminal past before bringing her on as a witness.

In light of the recent news both Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis testing positive for COVID-19, she said during the interview she is “not concerned at all” about catching the virus and has no plans to quarantine, even though a county health mandate orders those who were at the hearing and did not were a mask to isolate.

Carone has deleted her social media in response to all the backlash she has received for her testimony, according to Inside Edition.