Cuba Denies Existence Of Secret Radio Wave Weapon After US Alleges It Was Used To Target Feds’ Brains


Rowan Saydlowski Contributor
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The Cuban government denied a United States government report Tuesday that said directed radio wave frequencies were the most likely cause of strange illnesses experienced by U.S. diplomats in the island nation.

Dozens of U.S. embassy staff in Cuba have reported experiencing so-called “Havana syndrome,” including unexplained hearing loss, vertigo, fatigue and headaches, according to a report by Reuters.

Canada cut its own embassy staff in Cuba after at least 14 of its citizens experienced similar symptoms, according to a report earlier this month by the BBC. (RELATED: Microwave Weapons May Have Been Used Against U.S. Embassy Officials In Havana)

The U.S. government report published Dec. 6 by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine alleges that the directed radio frequencies are the most likely cause of these symptoms, but does not place blame on anyone for the frequencies. The Trump administration, however, has blamed the symptoms on attacks from a secret weapon, according to Reuters.

The president of Cuba’s Academy of Sciences, Luis Velasquez, said Tuesday that his organization “disagrees with the final conclusion regarding the causes of the ailments,” and asserted that a lack of communication between the U.S. and Cuba has hindered the investigation into the mysterious ailments, according to Reuters.

A similar report that led to allegations of “sonic attacks” was published in 2019 in the Journal of the American Medical Association, according to earlier reporting by the BBC. Cuban scientists rejected the findings of that report as well. (RELATED: Mysterious Sound Illness That Hit Diplomats In Cuba And China Is Back)

Cuba’s ambassador to the United States, José Ramón Cabañas, has also frequently rebuked studies about “Havana syndrome” on Twitter.

The U.S. pulled several diplomats out of Guangzhou, China, in 2018 after they experienced similar “abnormal sensations of sound and pressure” and one diplomat was diagnosed with mild brain trauma, according to the BBC.