‘Up To 897 Years In Prison’: ‘NorCal Rapist’ With 15-Year Streak Of Attacks Faces Sentencing

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Andrew Jose Contributor
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A Sacramento courtroom sentenced serial-rapist Roy Waller, also known as the ‘NorCal Rapist,’ up to 897 years in prison Friday.

Two consecutive terms —  a 459-year term and a 438-to-life term comprise the sentence of up to 897 years that California Superior Court Judge James Arguelles handed to Waller, CBS SF Bay Area reported

Police had arrested Waller in September 2018 for more than ten rapes and kidnappings that he allegedly committed between 1991 and 2006, according to FOX 40

The crimes, spanning six Northern California counties, remained unsolved for several years until investigators in 2018 used DNA evidence gathered from crime scenes to discover a match on the online DNA service GEDMatch, leading them to one of Waller’s relatives and eventually him, FOX 40 reported. (RELATED: Russian Man Confesses To Murdering 26 Women After DNA Evidence Identifies Him)

A jury in September had convicted Waller of all 46 counts he faced, of sexual assault and kidnapping, according to the San Francisco Chronicle

Furthermore, the month-long trial, which ended with his sentencing, was held in Sacramento County because it was the site of his last two rapes, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

“Unfortunately, the DNA was just too much, we couldn’t overcome that,” said Joseph Farina, Waller’s defense attorney, Associated Press reported.

During the month-long trial, all nine victims testified alongside retired cops, detectives, and forensic examiners, some coming from outside California to testify, according to Associated Press. 

One victim raped 2006 in Natomas said that she could take a shower without fear only after the day Waller was apprehended. “All because I was so afraid of Mr. Waller breaking into my home again,” she testified, according to KRCRTV.

Though Waller might be eligible for elder parole when he is about 85 years old under Californian law, according to prosecutors, such parole is unlikely due to his attacks’ brutality, San Francisco Chronicle reported.