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Here Are Some Of The Weirdest Things Hiding In The Spending Bill Nobody Had Time To Read

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Adam Barnes General Assignment Reporter
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The $1.4 trillion spending bill President Donald Trump just signed contains some eyebrow-raising allocations, provisions and declarations. Apart from the $900 billion for coronavirus relief, which is included in the bill, the spending package could provide millions to foreign and domestic entities for issues ranging from “gender programs” in Pakistan to patrol boats in Sri Lanka.

The coronavirus stimulus portion of the bill, an additional $900 billion, offers $600 to Americans making less than $75,000. Although the entire government spending plan and the coronavirus specific relief packages are distinct, lawmakers took to social media to address the mixed signals the contrast between pandemic aid and funding for foreign and domestic programs could send. Congressional members also pointed to particular provisions as reasons they should have been given time to actually read what was in the nearly 6,000-page bill. (RELATED: Congress Finally Compromised On A Coronavirus Relief Bill. Here’s What’s In It)