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PATRIOTS EXCLUSIVE: Madison Cawthorn Slams Cancel Culture, Warns It Will Be ‘The End Of Our Democracy’

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Caitlyn McDuffee Contributor
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Republican North Carolina Congressman-elect Madison Cawthorn sounded off about cancel culture and why he thinks it could be the “end of democracy” in an exclusive Tuesday interview with the Daily Caller.

“I am trying to choose my words wisely here, because I am very vindicated and angry when it comes to cancel culture,” Cawthorn said before explaining why he hates cancel culture.

“I believe that cancel culture, if we continue to perpetuate this idea that if you don’t like what someone says you can force them to believe what you do — whether that is doxing them, whether that is by attacking their place of work, whether that is by assaulting their faimily, whether that is that verbally assaulting them, applying peer pressure — unfortunately, I believe that will be the end of our democracy,” he said.

In August, Cawthorn came under fire after a Jezebel article speculated that some of his prior social media posts were anti-Semitic. (RELATED:EXCLUSIVE: Madison Cawthorn Responds To Backlash Over Visit To Hitler’s ‘Eagles Nest,’ Liking Betsy Ross Flag)

Cawthorn apologized in an exclusive interview with the Daily Caller in August for using the word “Führer” in one of his Instagram posts.

“If saying ‘Führer’ was something that is offensive to Jews,” Cawthorn continued, “I would of course apologize to my Jewish friends and my Jewish voters.” 

Watch the full video to hear why Cawthorn thinks cancel culture is dangerous and to find out his bold prediction for the Georgia runoff races on January 5th.


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