Man Climbs Onto Airplane Wing. It Doesn’t End Well

(Screenshot/Daily Caller)

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Have you ever looked out the window on a long flight and wondered what it would be like to stand on the wing of a plane? You may have thought you’d never get to experience such exhilaration. Fear not: This man made that far-fetched dream a reality!

At McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, this man jumped the fence and climbed atop the wing of this Alaska Airlines airplane. How he was able to actually ascend is unknown. It’s reportedly believed the man may suffer from a mental illness or impairment. (RELATED: Woman Sucked Out Of Airplane After Cabin Depressurizes)

The inevitable question for the man on the wing of the plane becomes: How do you get off? This man finds the only answer to that question.


This follows a string of videos of odd behavior captured on airplanes.

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