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We Had Five Reporters On The Ground For The Capitol Hill Riot. Here’s What Really Happened

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What really happened at the Capitol Hill riots?
The Daily Caller gives you exclusive access to first-hand accounts from our reporters and the footage they captured while documenting the event.
Never since the War of 1812 has the Capitol building been breached and taken over. Thousands of Trump supporters and various other people from around the country were able to bypass the police and break into the building, including the Capitol rotunda, statuary hall, and even the offices of government officials. Multiple people, including a 14-year Air Force veteran and a police officer, were killed. Many more were injured and nearly one hundred people have been arrested thus far.
The Daily Caller’s exclusive story gives you first-hand accounts from five reporters, with exclusive footage outside and inside the Capitol building on the day of the riots. Step inside one of 2021’s biggest news stories and witness aspects of the riots that you have never seen before.
Watch and uncover the truth about what these reporters have to share with you.