The Lincoln Project Appears To Scrub Team Page After Allegations That Co-Founder Offered Jobs In Exchange For Sex

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Marlo Safi Culture Reporter
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The Lincoln Project appeared to have scrubbed association with its co-founder John Weaver on its site after allegations that Weaver sent unwanted, uncomfortable and sexually suggestive messages to nearly a dozen young men.

A search of The Lincoln Project’s “Our Team” page, where Weaver was listed, leads to a page that doesn’t exist. An archive of the page shows that it existed as of January 11, and listed Weaver. Two days prior, journalist Ryan Girdusky said in a tweet that young men had sent him screenshots of predatory messages allegedly from Weaver, a political consultant who formerly worked for the John McCain presidential campaigns and then on former Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s presidential campaign.

Girdusky wrote in The American Conservative Monday that a man, whose identity he kept anonymous, claimed that he was in communication with several young men who Weaver solicited for a job, and then allegedly “propositioned them for sex as part of the offer.” In messages Girdusky said he reviewed, one man allegedly met with Weaver and had consensual sex, although Weaver allegedly never followed up with a job offer.

A college student reportedly claimed that Weaver began messaging him on Twitter, with potential internship offers. After persistent messages, the student told Girdusky that Weaver had called him after midnight, and on another occasion, asked the student about his height, weight, and build, making the student uncomfortable. When the student responded he was “about average” build, Weaver allegedly responded “oh my boy, I’m sure certain parts of you are well above average,” Girdusky reported. 

Girdusky also appeared on Laura Ingraham’s Fox News show Jan. 13 to detail the allegations. (RELATED: Lincoln Project Ad Features Lin Wood Encouraging Republicans To Boycott Georgia Runoffs)

“My boy” was a common name Weaver allegedly gave to more than 12 young men, Forensic News reported on Jan. 13. Reporter Scott Stedman showed messages Weaver allegedly sent him, also referring to him as “my boy,” and sent Stedman “unwanted personal messages” calling him “smart, clever, handsome, hot…you have it all.”

Forensic News reviewed messages from more than a dozen sources aged 19 to 26, many of which chose to remain anonymous, alleging Weaver sent them “uncomfortable and sometimes sexually explicit messages.”

While some men engaged Weaver sexually, Forensic News reports that in many cases, Weaver “dangled his political connections and access to high-profile job opportunities in an attempt to receive sexual favors.” 

One man, identified as Josh P., told Forensic News that Weaver very strongly suggested that any job opportunities he offered would be in exchange for sexual favors. Weaver allegedly said he could get him a job with “Macron’s people in France” and offered to take him to the Rothschild wineries. 

None of the young men who’ve spoken out about the exchanges with Weaver have alleged any criminal wrongdoing, but they have reportedly accused him of grooming them.

“I feel personally ashamed. I found it alluring at first because he’s powerful and I’m embarrassed,” one man said, according to Forensic News.

The Lincoln Project did not respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment.