Do You Think Biden Can Unite America?

Lisa Bennatan Contributor
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The Daily Caller’s Lisa Bennatan headed to Nashville, Tenn., to ask people this question: Do you think President Biden can unite America?

The crowd on the streets of Broadway shared with Bennatan their opinions on whether they thought Biden’s inaugural theme of unity was something he could achieve. (RELATED: ‘I Will Be A President For All Americans’: President Joe Biden Pledges Unity In Inaugural Address)

“No because I don’t think he respects people who don’t agree with him,” one woman responded. Some others disagreed with her.

“I definitely think so. I think he’s a good president for after everything that’s happened. I think he’ll be able to show people what united looks like,” one woman told the Daily Caller.

Another man did not think unity was possible, saying, “it’s a little too polarized right now in the U.S.”


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