This 8-Channel Surveillance System’s Easy To Install And It’s On Sale!

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From package theft to raccoons ravaging your garden, there’s a lot that can go on around your home when you aren’t looking. And while a fancy surveillance system would definitely help you keep an eye on things, the idea of having to install a complicated set of cameras around the perimeter of your property is less than appealing.

Just because you don’t have the skills of a pro-security system installation expert doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from home surveillance. That’s why so many people are turning to the Foscam 8 Channels xPoE 720P CCTV Surveillance System to keep their home safe. Deemed a “plug and play” security system, is designed to keep your home’s exterior safe from every angle with just a few simple steps.

The key to the system’s simple installation is its use of Simplified xPoE tech that uses just one network cable per camera that supplies both the power and video signal. With four cameras, you’ll have access to eight channels you can access remotely from the accompanying NVR APP via smartphone or its official website.

Whether you choose to check your cameras on your phone, tablet, or desktop, viewing surveillance footage, whether it be recorded or live, is easier than ever. And since each HD camera is waterproof and designed to withstand the elements, you never have to worry about missing anything that goes on around the exterior of your home.

Still not sure if this home security kit is right for you? Check out the awesome things real users are saying about the cameras online!

Works great. Decent quality image.” – Derek C.

“Price is very good for what you get. The initial hookup is easy and you are up and running right away with the console and the downloaded free app from the Android play store.” – Dirk A.

“Good ‘starter pack’ for your surveillance needs…” – Mike B.

For a limited time, you can save over 10% on the Foscam 8 Channels xPoE 720P CCTV Surveillance System, making it just $174.99!

Prices subject to change.

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