This Discounted Dental Tool Will Change The Way You Floss Forever

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When you’re sitting in the dreaded dentist chair and are asked how often you floss your teeth, it’s easy to feel the stress sweats come on. But you’re not alone. In fact, according to this NPR report, 27% of adults lie to their dentists about their flossing habits.

Sure, flossing isn’t the most exciting activity in the world, but skipping out on this little habit can result in major plaque buildup, cavities, and potential gum disease down the line. And if you’re looking to keep your mouth healthy (and your dentist pleased), flossing with an advanced tool like this cordless water flosser can change the way you manage your oral hygiene forever.

Designed by Dr.Bei founder Zhang Jun, this water flosser lets you clean out plaque from every nook and cranny of your mouth with the power of a high-pressure pulsed water jet. And thanks to its three adjustable pressure levels, you can experience a high-level clean tailored to your exact comfort level, ideal for those with sensitive gums, sore teeth, mouth ulcers, and even braces.

What really sets the DR.BEI Cordless Water Flosser Teeth Cleaner apart from similar dental tools out there is its incredible portability. Whether you have a stubborn piece of food stuck in your teeth at a restaurant or are staying in a hotel on vacation, you can easily and discreetly clean the deep spaces between your teeth in mere seconds. It can even fit right into your purse, book bag, and more.

Whether you use the Cordless Water Flosser Teeth Cleaner after brushing your teeth or pair it with your favorite mouthwash, there’s no denying the level of clean your mouth will feel when you incorporate the tool into your oral hygiene routine. It’s no wonder it’s been recognized worldwide and even earned the German Reddot Design Award in 2017.

Just read some of the online reviews and see how great it is for yourself!

“Thought I had a problem with my gum line. Instead, it was a lodged seed that quickly was dislodged with my first use. I now use it with mouth wash every day and love it.” – Linn

“Love this thing! I have a water flosser at home and wanted one for travel. This is such a great design and very effective flosser!” – Dashnj

“Floss, brush my teeth with a high-end electric toothbrush, and this mouth irrigator still takes out everything around the braces!! Super impressive quality and super price!” – Holly W.

Right now, you can snag the DR.BEI Cordless Water Flosser Teeth Cleaner for just over 20% off, making it just $46.95.

Prices subject to change.


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