10 Discounted Toys And Accessories Every Cat Owner Will Want

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From their cute little whiskers to the way they lie on your head in the morning, there’s a lot to love about the special kitties in your life. And to show them just how much you love them, treat them to a new toy or a fun gadget that can bring you two closer together!

Here are 10 great cat toys and other accessories that are all on sale right now!

“The Fat Cat” Cat Backpack – $119.99

If you don’t want your cat to be stuck at home but still want to keep them safe, carry them around in this backpack designed just for felines! Great for cats of varying sizes, this backpack sports adjustable straps and durable materials to keep both you and your kitty safe and comfortable while you explore the world together.

Get “The Fat Cat” Cat Backpack for $119.99 (reg. $199).

Wicked Ball: Interactive Toy for Cats – $42.95

When you can’t play with your kitty, this 100% automatic toy can keep them busy for hours, stimulating their minds and giving them exercise along the way. And thanks to its intelligent companion mode, they can get the perfect balance of playtime and rest — there’s even a built-in snack hole for surprise treats!

Get the Wicked Ball: Interactive Toy for Cats for $42.95 (reg. $49).

VentiFresh Plus: Next Generation Germ & Odor Eliminator – $58.99

Boasting NASA-inspired technology, this game-changing device can get rid of nasty odors, like the ones that come from your cat’s litter. Not only is it incredibly easy to install, but it’s also easy to use and portable, making it a must-have for any pet-owner. It’s no wonder it got over 388% funded on its Indiegogo page!

Get the VentiFresh Plus: Next Generation Germ & Odor Eliminator for $58.99 (reg. $84).

VentiFresh ECO: Next Generation Odor Eliminator – $44.99

If you’re not into using harmful chemical sprays to get rid of nasty pet odors, this little gadget is a great, safe alternative. Measuring at just 2.48 in x 2 in, the VentiFresh ECO can go pretty much anywhere in your home, using the same photocatalyst technology NASA uses to break down odors and not just cover them up.

Get the VentiFresh ECO: Next Generation Odor Eliminator for $44.99 (reg. $72).

Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser for Dogs & Cats – $79.99

It’s important for your pet to stay on a consistent feeding schedule with the appropriate portions for their breed and size. And for those days when you’re not around during mealtime, this automated food dispenser is a godsend! You can program up to four meal alarms, dispense 1-10 .8-oz portions per meal, and even record a 10-second personalized meal call!

Get the Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser for Dogs & Cats for $79.99 (reg. $119).

SiftEase Litter Box Cleaner – $39.99

Toting high ratings on Amazon, this litter box cleaner is changing the way cat-owners change out litter. Thanks to its seven-inch deep sifting basket, the waste is automatically separated from the litter, completely eliminating the need for a scooper. This way, the waste never contaminates as much litter and nasty odors can finally become a thing of the past.

Get the SiftEase Litter Box Cleaner for $39.99 (reg. $45).

Magnetic Fishing Cat Wand Toy Set – $12.99

From helping your cat to be more active to stimulating their natural hunting instincts, this cat toy is a great way to bond with your kitty. And since its plush pieces are laced with catnip, no cat ever gets tired of playing with it. Plus, its incorporated feathers and bells are always a treat for them to paw at.

Get the Magnetic Fishing Cat Wand Toy Set for $12.99 (reg. $19).

Basepaws Breed + Health DNA Test: At-Home Cat Genetics Test – $129

Featured in countless publications and earning a 4.6/5-star rating on Amazon, this at-home genetic test is helping cat owners to learn more about their kitties than ever before. The non-invasive test requires you to swab the inside of your cat’s cheek, and from there, you’ll get a full report, revealing your cat’s genetic origins and even how closely related it is to tigers, cheetahs, lions, and other wild cats. You’ll also become privy to potential health issues to look out for with your specific breed.

Get the Basepaws Breed + Health DNA Test: At-Home Cat Genetics Test for $129 (reg. $149).

Cats & Dogs Food Dispenser Tumbler – $29.99

This toy features a built-in labyrinth design to give your cat a dose of fun along with their treats. Simply open the toy, fill it with your pet’s favorite treats, and select the desired difficulty level — your cat will do the rest. It’s a great brain-teaser for your cat and can help control how fast they gobble down their snacks.

Get the Cats & Dogs Food Dispenser Tumbler for $29.99 (reg. $36).

Cat LED Toy Spinner – $19.99

Thanks to this spinner’s suction cup backing, you can stick the thing to your floors, windows, doors, or wherever else, giving your cat something to fiddle with for hours on end. Cats love its interactive design, luminous balls, bells, and mint balls. It even has a piece that helps clean your cat’s teeth!

Get the Cat LED Toy Spinner for $19.99 (reg. $39).

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