Let An Italian Grandma Show You How To Make Pasta The Right Way For Under $50!

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Eating out at fancy restaurants is great and all, but that food can’t hold a candle to the homecooked meals your grandma would make out of her own kitchen. If you’d like to give your meals that “straight from the heart” quality without having to blindly fumble through a confusing cookbook, this live cooking class is just what you need.

Considering that it’s one of the most popular dishes in households throughout the U.S., knowing how to whip up a good pasta dish is crucial for every aspiring cook out there. And thanks to Nonna Live, a must-see virtual cooking class, you’ll learn how to make a mouth-watering dish in true Italian style.

Unlike recipes you’d read online or in cookbooks, you’ll learn how to cook a pasta dish firsthand by 84-year-old Italian grandmother, Nonna Nerina, a woman known for her Italian homemade pasta and Airbnb Experiences in Italy. Together with her granddaughter, Chiara, and their entire family that lives just outside Rome of Palombara Sabina, you’ll not only learn the steps to make a great meal, but you’ll get a real understanding of each ingredient and the rich history behind it all.

About a week before your class, you’ll receive a shopping list of ingredients and cooking utensils to buy in a link to an Amazon storefront, taking all the stress out of the prepping process. Nonna Nerina and her family will even provide you with wine pairing suggestions, helping you to really make the most of your cooking and eating experience.

Check out what people are saying about Nonna and her cooking lessons online!

“The authenticity and genuine caring of Nonna and Valeria made us feel welcome, comfortable, and energized all night! The experience of a lifetime!” — Katie M.

“Words cannot translate or express the experience that my wife and I had with Nonna and her family! Great food, great lessons, great people and great Italia!!” — Henry

“I am a Chef from the USA and this is exactly what I wanted. I specialize in pasta and even I got to learn about how to make pasta by hand.” — Zachary

Right now, you can get one class with Nonna Live: Cooking Pasta with Nonna & Family for $45 bucks, an incredible 25% off its regular price!

Prices subject to change.


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