Stepdad Allegedly Had Toddler In His Lap During Horrific Motorcycle Crash, Child In Critical Condition

(Credit: Shutterstock/Prath)

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A stepdad crashed his motorcycle while a 17-month-old toddler was sitting in his lap Thursday evening after running a stop sign, police said.

The Florida man, identified as Dontrell Stanley, will likely face multiple charges because of the crash, according to the Clearwater Police Department.

“A 17-month-old baby girl was critically injured when she was riding in the lap of her stepfather when his motorcycle crashed,” the police department said. “She went to All Children’s Hospital. He likely will face multiple charges as a result of the crash, which occurred when he ran a stop sign.”

“This is Dontrell Stanley, the motorcyclist who crashed Thursday evening while having a 17-month-old girl riding along in his lap,” the police department said. “He’s been charged with neglect of a child with great bodily harm and having no valid driver’s license. He’s in the Pinellas County Jail this morning.”

Stanley ran a stop sign around 5:30 p.m. and laid the motorcycle down to avoid crashing into a vehicle, police said, according to the Tampa Bay Times. The toddler was reportedly thrown underneath the vehicle and is in critical condition.

Stanley is currently being held at Pinellas County jail on $10,250 bail, according to the outlet.