Mediaite Reports CNN Guy Went On 5 Tinder Dates With Veritas Undercover Operative

(Credit: YouTube Screenshot Project Veritas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dv8Zy-JwXr4)

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Project Veritas reportedly used the dating app Tinder to lure a CNN technical director into spilling his guts about the network.

James O’Keefe published a video recording of CNN technical director Charlie Chester calling the information put out by the network “propaganda” on Tuesday. Mediate reported that O’Keefe and others used a woman pretending to be a nurse to go on dates with Chester. The two allegedly went on five dates, where he revealed information about CNN.


Look, these were anon sources “close to CNN” talking to Mediaite. We don’t know exactly what that means or to what degree this story is true, but WOW, if it was, this guy was F*CKING THIRSTY. (RELATED: ‘Our Focus Was To Get Trump Out Of Office’: Project Veritas Video Appears To Show CNN Tech Director Discussing Network’s ‘Propaganda’)

Who goes on five dates with someone when it’s pretty obvious they aren’t going to get anything out of it? Maybe he thought he was, but if so—he was really holding out hope.

He must have been SHOCKED to see O’Keefe allegedly pop up at the fifth date. This Chester guy is probably traumatized. If I were him, I’d never use Tinder again.

You have to vet these people you find on dating apps. As a 24-year-old single woman, I would know. If Chester couldn’t plug a name into Instagram or Facebook to stalk this woman back to 2005, he should have found a friend with the know-how. He might have avoided all of this.