Juan Williams Says It’s A Lie That ‘Cities Burned Last Summer’ — Brian Kilmeade Has Thoughts

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Juan Williams claimed it was a lie to say that “cities burned last summer” during Wednesday’s broadcast of “The Five” on Fox News.

Williams and his cohosts were discussing a warning from long time Democratic strategist James Carville — who said that “wokeness” was a problem for the Democratic Party — and Williams attempted to turn the topic to attack extremism on the right. (RELATED: ‘You Have To Make A Distinction’: Juan Williams Says Biden Is Bringing Unity, Just Not In Congress)


Williams began by saying that he agreed with Carville and that Democrats would be wise to speak in the language of the voters rather than in “Woke” terminology.

“I give James Carville big credit for taking on people in his own party and telling them they’ve got a problem, they need to respond to Republicans more aggressively and in language that people understand,” Williams said, pivoting to attack the far right. “I wish there were people on the right who are willing to say, we’ve got a problem with our extreme right, the people who are saying all those awful things before the January 6th riot at the Capitol, the people want to put out lies like the cities burned last summer, I think it’s important that people who are honest in American politics be able to hold honest discussions without allowing the extremists to set the agenda.”

Cohost Katie Pavlich pushed back, saying, “I think it was clear that a number of Republicans across the board came out against what happened on January 6 while it was happening.”

Cohost Dana Perino suggested that the White House would be wise to listen to Carville, saying that if Carville was right Democrats could risk losing their majorities in both the House and the Senate in 2022.

“I imagine they would not like to give them that satisfaction but it appears they are headed in that direction,” Perino continued.

“Fox & Friends” host Brian Kilmeade jumped in then quoting Carville as saying, “‘We almost lost the House and we never should have, we should have lost the Senate,’ he brings that up. And by the way, Juan, the cities did burn if you count Chicago, Minneapolis, New York, Seattle and Portland. But besides that, I think it was a pretty good summer —”

“That’s not true,” Williams interrupted, shaking his head.

“They were absolutely awful, the behavior was terrible and by the way, he also went on to say, ‘Keep saying defund the police and you’re going to lose everything in 2022.’ I wholeheartedly agree,” Kilmeade concluded.