This Top-Rated Pocket Torch Is A Must-Have At Just $35

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Whether it’s a great pocket knife or interchangeable screwdriver bits, survival tools come in all shapes and sizes. And if you’re planning on camping this summer, going on a road trip, or simply hanging out around the house, having a top-notch survival tool arsenal can come in handy when it really counts.

When it comes to emergency tools and everyday gadgets in general, a quality handheld light source is worth its weight in gold. And with this P80 Rechargeable 1,300 Lumen Pocket Torch on hand, things suddenly become brighter than ever. Boasting a maximum output of 1,300 lumens, this flashlight packs a powerful punch, emitting enough light in the darkest of places, like under the hood of a car or the middle of a dark, deserted road.

In addition to its impressive maximum light power, it also has a preset of 350-lumen medium light, ideal for everyday use. It also features a dual side switch, allowing you to go from a one-step strobe to any other desired setting in mere seconds. And thanks to its incredibly strong exterior made of nano-ceramic beads, this pocket torch is designed to endure some seriously aggressive wear and tear and can stay perfectly intact in any conditions — even under the weight of a moving car!

Unlike other handheld light sources you may have used in the past, the P80 Rechargeable 1,300 Lumen Pocket Torch runs off a type-C direct charge and uses a simple USB cable to recharge. Simply take a look at its LED battery indicator to see whether or not it’s time to juice up.

Water-resistant, durable, and powerful, the P80 Rechargeable 1,300 Lumen Pocket Torch is making its way into emergency tool kits all over the country, with users giving it a 4.6/5-star rating on Amazon.

Get the P80 Rechargeable 1,300 Lumen Pocket Torch for just $34.99 (reg. $59) when you enter the code, TORCH15 at check-out!

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