‘Baying For My Blood’: Journalist Andy Ngo Was Savagely Attacked By Antifa … Again

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Greg Price Contributor
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Andy Ngo, the editor-at-large of The Post Millennial, was once again assaulted by Antifa while reporting on them undercover in Portland, Oregon.

The attack occurred on May 28 while he was reporting on a protest in Rose City to commemorate the one-year anniversary of George Floyd’s death. Several local media outlets reported at the time that an unidentified person who protesters believed to be Ngo was chased away from the gathering and assaulted, leading to two arrests.

Ngo confirmed the assault in a lengthy Wednesday night Twitter thread.

According to Ngo, the Antifa member that had previously assaulted him in 2019 began asking him questions at around midnight while he was reporting undercover. Ngo alleged that he attempted to walk away before being surrounded by “a group of masked people in black” and that one managed to pull down his mask, immediately yelling, “That’s Andy. Get him! Get him!”

Ngo alleged that he was chased through downtown Portland as he tried to flag down help, before being tackled by Antifa members at Pioneer Place Mall. The Antifa members allegedly punched him in the head and face repeatedly while he pleaded with them not to kill him.

Ngo allegedly took refuge in The Nines Hotel, which was also housing the Denver Nuggets for their NBA playoff series with the Portland Trail Blazers. Ngo claimed he was immediately surrounded by Antifa members banging on the hotel doors and windows. (RELATED: Andy Ngo Dissects Antifa’s Inner Workings, Explains Why It’s So Effective)

An hour went by before riot police came in and made arrests, according to Ngo. He was then escorted to an ambulance by a medic from Portland Fire and Rescue through a back entrance of the hotel, taken to the hospital, and treated for multiple injuries to his head and body.

“I call on the Portland Police and federal authorities to act on this before Antifa operatives hiding behind their masks succeed in murdering an American journalist on their watch. And I call on journalists and all those who believe in the First Amendment to join me in standing against the tyranny of those who use violence to terrorize, silence and suppress the truth,” Ngo said.

Ngo has risen to prominence for his coverage of Antifa and their inner workings, recently publishing a book titled “Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy.” In June 2019, he attracted widespread media attention after being viciously assaulted by Antifa members in Portland, nearly dying from a brain hemorrhage.

Ngo has frequently spoken about the 2019 attack — as well as the many other threats against his life from Antifa — and delivered testimony to Congress.

“Antifa wants me dead because I document what they want to stay hidden. The attacks against me and threats on my life are retribution for my work as a journalist,” Ngo added in his Twitter thread.