Get That Just-Left-The-Dentist Clean Feeling Every Day For Just $65 With This Toothbrush And Flosser Bundle

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This summer, more and more masks are coming off — which means having a clean smile and fresh breath is a must! Whether you’re smiling in pictures with your family at your annual summer barbeque or catching up with friends at dinner, sporting a dull, yellow smile is never something you want.

Even if you brush your teeth regularly with a traditional brush, chances are your mouth isn’t as clean as it should be. And thanks to ground-breaking at-home oral tools like this water-flosser and sonic toothbrush set, you can experience a deep, “just-left-the-dentist” clean every single day.

From fighting tarter and preventing gum disease to keeping stinky breath at bay, this oral-health tool does it all. Safe for everyone in the family to use, the set’s electric toothbrush is gentle yet effective at cleaning hard to reach spots in your mouth with an impressive 3,100 pulses per minute, complete with three different cleaning modes and 30-second pulse reminders to let you know when to switch to another area. It even comes with three color-coded, interchangeable brush heads so the whole family can get in on the cleaning action.

In addition to its deep-cleaning brush, this set also includes a great water-flosser, ideal for cleaning in between your teeth, in and around braces, and around sensitive bridgework. Equipped with interchangeable irrigator tips, this tool uses a pulsed stream of water to leave your mouth feeling cleaner than ever before.

As if all this wasn’t impressive enough, the electric brush and water-flosser set sits on a sleek charging base that requires nothing more than a single outlet to power up. And it’s designed to fit on most bathroom countertops.

Toting a noteworthy 4.5/5 stars on Amazon, the Water Flosser, Sonic Toothbrush & Inductive Charging Base Set is making a splash among users who praise it for its compact, handy design, impressive cleaning ability, and usability.

For a limited time, you can snag the Water Flosser, Sonic Toothbrush & Inductive Charging Base Set at 18% off, making it just $64.99.

Prices subject to change.


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