Charles Payne Calls Dave Portnoy ‘A Little B*tch’ For Shrugging Off People Disappointed By Him Selling $AMC

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Greg Price Contributor
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Things got heated Thursday when Barstool founder Dave Portnoy made an appearance on Fox Business’ Making Money with Charles Payne.

Payne was questioning Portnoy on his role in promoting r/wallstreetbets in February and the people who were disappointed after Portnoy got “paper hands” on $AMC, a term referring to someone who sells stocks too early.

“Those people are idiots. We don’t pay any attention to those morons,” Portnoy responded. “Most of the people saying ‘paper hands’ and this and that, they lost 5 cents, they lost a nickel. I lost $700 grand. I got out of it. I took my beating. So anybody with ‘paper hands,’ I’d like to wrap them in toilet paper and glue lettuce to them and set them … afloat in the ocean. I don’t pay attention to those idiots.”

“That’s kind of cold, Dave,” Payne responded. “They’re saying several hundred thousand to a guy like you and when they put all their money in, that you didn’t have to sell, that you were the face of this movement, that when you gave up, you helped the establishment when they needed you most. Why would you diss them now? Why would you call them names now?”


Portnoy rejected the idea that anyone should be holding him accountable for their own investments into the surging stocks, saying that he had invested and lost far more than his critics.

“Charles, you’re being a naïve fool. These people, these are Twitter eggs that you are listening to. The real people who have money in it and understand how it works, they’re not the ones calling names. I’d love to see the bank accounts and the receipts of these people,” Portnoy replied.

“I think you’re going to owe a lot of people an apology… You helped create a movement and at the first sign of danger, you were the one who  blinked,” Payne later said to Portnoy. (RELATED: Hedge Fund That Bet Against GameStop Is Shutting Down)

Payne continued insisting that Portnoy should not deride or make fun of those angry at him, telling him that as a major online figure in the amateur stock trading community, he had a responsibility to those who listen to him.

“You’re making no sense, you’re being a moron,” Portnoy said to Payne later in the segment.

“You’re being a little bitch,” Payne shot back, which drew laughter from Portnoy.

The pair later poked fun at the segment on Twitter.

“Every network executive should get their pens out and take notes on my interview with Charles Payne,” Portnoy wrote on Twitter.

“We have to do it again soon, Dave,” Payne replied.