REPORT: Police Break Up ‘Exorcism’ In Lumber Aisle At Pennsylvania Home Depot

Photo by Nicholas Kamm. Getty.

Melanie Wilcox Contributor
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Police said they responded to a reported exorcism at a Home Depot Monday in Dickson City, Pennsylvania, Fox 8 reported.

Officials said people held an exorcism for the trees on the lumber aisle, Fox 8 reported. Dickson City Police escorted the people holding the exorcism after responding to a call of “bad behavior,” according to Fox 8. (RELATED: Exorcists And Demons Clash In A Supernatural Showdown For The Fate Of Souls)

“There were two people hanging out in the lumber department doing their little exorcism thing,” the officer said, according to Philly Voice. “Some people at the store started picking up that something was happening that was not necessarily normal. Police were called to the store and they were escorted out of the building.”

The incident appeared on the police department’s daily crime report on Facebook.

It said, “3:26pm Commerce Blvd. @ Home Depot for disorderly people having an exorcism in the lumber isle for the dead trees. They were escorted out of the building.”

The post prompted several on Facebook to respond.

“Whoever did the exorcism, let’s be friends please,” one woman wrote.

“How does a wood exorcism happen in 2021 and not a single person in Home Depot videoed this for our entertainment? I need answers,” someone said.

“I will light a candle for the lumber at Lowe’s,” another said.

Police said the two individuals will not be charged, according to Philly Voice.