Use This Device To Make Sure You’re Staying Alert Behind The Wheel

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Are you ever facing a long drive and just not sure if you’re up to the tedious hours behind the wheel? Worried that the stripes of the highway will lull you into a sense of fatigue and you’ll lose focus on the task at hand? Then you need the Car & Driver Fatigue Monitor.

This device mounts on your dashboard and helps the driver focus their attention on the road. It uses an algorithmically-driven monitoring system designed to prevent lapses in attention behind the wheel from turning into a dangerous situation. Dubbed the co-pilot, the fatigue monitor detects and corrects unsafe behavior behind the wheel to allow you to focus on the road.

So how does it work? The fatigue monitor uses eye and facial position tracking and monitors your head position while you drive. It also tracks your pupils and eyelids to make sure you aren’t nodding off behind the wheel. If the device senses you are not paying attention, it will use voice notifications to get you to focus on the road, or a loud alarm will go off as a fatigue warning.

The device uses both a GPS sensor to ensure the alarms only are active while the car is in motion and an infrared 6-LED array for effective use during nighttime driving. The fatigue monitor is so effective, it even works for drivers who are wearing glasses.

In addition to the monitor, you’ll get a dual-port charger, mini-USB cable, cable management clips, and a mount with 360-degree rotation and built-in GPS.

This Car & Driver Fatigue Monitor normally runs $179, but you can get it now for $50 off when you use coupon code FATIGUE15 at checkout, bringing the price down to $129 for a savings of about 28 percent.

Prices subject to change.


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