UPDATED: Check Out These 12 Self-Defense Gadgets That Are Waiting To Be Your Next Purchase

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Being able to defend yourself or your family from an attacker is invaluable. Self-defense is something we all should take very seriously in this day and age. With that being said, we’ve compiled 12 must-have self-defense gadgets that will keep you safe in times of insecurity and danger. We know our Brightbulb readers love to be prepared for the unknown, so be sure to check them out below:


NightCap Drink Cover Scrunchie

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Since many of us are starting to get back to our normal routines, that means we’ll all be going out on the town more frequently! While this is very exciting to many, we still have to remember to stay cautious of any danger that may arise. This ingenious invention helps prevent any drug-related powder, pills, or other substances from being put into your drink while you’re not looking. Plus, it does all of this while acting as a hair tie. Talk about discreet!

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GUARD ALASKA Mace Brand Maximum Strength Bear Spray and Knife Kit

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Do you live in an area where wildlife runs rampant? If so, it’s always smart to be prepared for a potential unwanted encounter with a wild animal. That’s why this bear spray is essential. This canister can spray up to 20 ft away just so you don’t have to get close to the animal. When sprayed, the bear will lose its sense of sight temporarily as well as experience a burning sensation and a restricted lung capacity. In short, the animal will be incapacitated, giving you just enough time to get away.

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BASU eAlarm WRX Wearable Emergency Alarm for Walking & Jogging

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If you or someone you know loves to exercise, camp, or hike, having this wearable safety alarm is essential. Whether you are trying to fend off human attackers or large animals, this device will emit a painfully loud sound that is sure to instill fear and help stop any type of impending attack. Legal for children and teenagers to carry as well as adults, this self-defense gadget can’t be used against you in a dangerous situation, giving you a huge advantage.

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Avenger Defense Ultra-Powerful Series Rechargeable Stun Gun

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When activated, this stun gun will emit 1.9 microcoulombs, resulting in intense shock and pain inflicted against your attacker. Thanks to its portability and small size, this stun gun can easily be stored anywhere in your home for safekeeping.

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POM Pepper Spray Flip Top Pocket Clip

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POM (peace of mind) pepper clip is equipped with law enforcement-grade pepper spray. You can easily fit this small canister in your pocket, backpack, or purse for easy access. Did I mention its patented firing system prevents accidental misfire? Unless you mean to use this product, you don’t have to worry about it spraying in an unwanted fashion.

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Sabre Red Home Defense Pepper Gel with Wall Mount

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If you’re looking for a slightly larger pepper spray canister than the one we listed above, look no further. This Sabre Red pepper spray is made specifically for home defense. This canister shoots up to 25ft. directly at the perpetrator. Did I mention this product is made right here in the USA? When you purchase Sabre Red products, you’re supporting American business.

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Aluminum Alloy Portable Pressure Self Defense Key Chain

This self-defense tool comes with a keychain ring, so you can take it with you on any adventure. This gadget is made from 100% aluminum alloy, making it an absolute necessity for every adult who seeks to protect themselves. It is small and concealable, which are highly desired qualities for self-defense tools. Plus, it can be used by men, women, and teenagers alike. Everyone deserves to have some way to protect themselves from unknown threats and this tool is the perfect solution!

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Grand Way Spring Assisted Knife

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This #1 best seller can not only be used for self-defense but for first aid, camping and hiking, and other tactical uses. With a spring assist to help you seamlessly draw the blade, this knife is one of the most functional pocket knives on the market in my opinion. With more than 11,000 raving reviews, I’d say you’re sure to enjoy this product just as much as everyone else.

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Halafs Portable Self-Defense Swing Telescopic Stick

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This #1 best seller is made from strong and durable PVC material and is equipped with a rubber handle to prevent your hand from slipping in an emergency situation. Whether you purchase this to protect yourself in the outdoors, store it in your house for emergencies, or keep it in your car to protect you from any accidents that may occur, this telescopic stick is a great tool to possess.

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Sabre Self-Defense Kit: Red Pepper Spray, Stun Gun & Flashlight

This gadget offers two self-defense tools for the price of one; a stun gun and pepper spray! The stun gun with its flashing light will help disorient the attacker. Its nonchalant design will fit into your purse, backpack, or pretty much wherever you want to store it.

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Plegium Smart Mini Pepper Spray

When this pepper spray device is used, the Plegium app will automatically send SOS alerts and show your exact location on a map to your programmed emergency contacts, letting them know you’re in trouble. This tool has a 10-foot spray range and is extremely easy to use. The Plegium app is completely free and there is no monthly subscription fee.

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Taser Pulse Self-Defense Tool

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Ideal for beginners, this taser gun will stun the nervous system of an attacker that comes your way for a full 30 seconds, leaving you an ample amount of time to escape. This device has a built-in flashlight for increased visibility and a 15-foot shooting range. When in an emergency situation, you need to have the ability to fend off an attack. If the attacker is approaching you with weapons, it’s essential to find a way to remove yourself immediately from the situation. Thankfully, this device provides an easy escape.

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