Exclusive: Border Crisis Shows No Signs Of Slowing Down In South Texas

[Daily Caller]

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The Daily Caller’s Jorge Ventura gives Patriots an exclusive look at the border crisis in La Joya, Texas, where dozens of migrants have been apprehended.

Over 70 migrants from Central America were apprehended around midnight, with Ventura saying he counted up to 20 unaccompanied minors among the group.


After the migrants were apprehended, a large bus was called in to transport migrants to a holding facility where they are processed. Agents then determined why the migrants are in the country and whether they have any family living in the U.S.. (RELATED: VP Loyalists Reportedly Think Border Crisis Was ‘A Sh***y Assignment Because The President Doesn’t Want To Do It Himself’)

Ventura explained why the surge in migrants creates a border crisis, noting the record number of migrants arriving each day divert critical resources away from the border.

As agents handle the large surge of migrants, drug cartels use the border to ship over illegal drugs. Agents told Ventura drug cartels will push migrants through the La Joya area of the border just so that they can detract from border officer efforts.

Agents explained to Ventura that there has been a 600% increase in fentanyl due to the open borders.

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