At Least 10 Injured After Car Rams Into Restaurant In Spain


Bradley Devlin General Assignment & Analysis Reporter
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Authorities claim a man rammed his vehicle into a restaurant in the Spanish city of Marbella on Monday, injuring at least ten people.

Two of the ten injured had to be taken to a larger medical facility in Malaga, including one woman that sustained serious injuries, a statement from the National Police read, according to The Associated Press (AP). Others were taken to a local hospital to have their injuries evaluated. The driver, a 30-year-old Spanish man, was arrested at the scene. Authorities claimed terrorism was not a motive, The AP reported.

Raúl Morote, a man whose family owns several restaurants on Miguel Cano Avenue, the street where the incident occurred, told The AP that the accident occurred in the middle of the afternoon Monday as the sidewalks and outdoor restaurant bustled with activity. “The car was zigzagging and sweeping away everything,” Morote told The AP. (RELATED: Vehicle Terror Attacks Becoming New Normal)

Morote claimed he witnessed emergency crews tend to around a dozen individuals, several of whom had bloody legs, The AP reported.

Videos posted online show the crash site as first responders tended to the most injured while waiters and pedestrians helped others.

Islamist terrorists killed 16 individuals and injured 140 others in two consecutive vehicle attacks in Barcelona and the town of Cambrils in 2017.