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$CBD Coin Takes Over Las Vegas

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Calling itself the charitable cryptocurrency, $CBD Coin is announcing its launch in style with digital trucks cruising up and down the famed Vegas Strip! If you find yourself beside one of these unmistakable vehicles, ask about the organization’s mission: to provide the less fortunate with equal access to the health benefits of CBD. Based in Las Vegas, this revolutionary crypto coin is ready to provide a safe and effective natural remedy to those who otherwise could not afford it.

$CBD Coin is a crypto payment specifically for the CBD industry, and it is the first organization in the world to donate CBD products. Upon launch, there was an initial burn of 60% of the tokens, leaving just 2 billion in circulation. As this company is focused on charity, it aims to keep investors from getting large amounts of currency rather than those who need it. The liquidity pool has been locked for three months, and tokens will be unlocked at a rate of 10% per week with a 1% transaction cap.

Each transaction has an automatic 9% fee with 3% going to marketing, 3% to the Liquidity Pool, and 3% going to the Charity Funds. The charity account then provides CBD products to those who need them. Purchasing the tokens is as simple as setting up a digital wallet, getting BNB (the Binance system), then enter the PancakeSwap to exchange your BNB Smart Chain for $CBD tokens. With three steps, people can donate to a great cause with equally great demand.

While this long-term project is just getting started, it has a solid roadmap to achieve its admirable mission. $CBD Coin is in its launch phase and has also partnered with the non-profit Save Planet Earth. Next up is growth through avenues like celebrity and influencer partnerships, followed by expansion by connecting with CBDOil.com to allow crypto payments through $CBD Coin.

Combining the rising popularity of cryptocurrency with the need to combat the opioid epidemic, $CBD Coin has created a game-changing charitable organization. As CBD is becoming more popular, this startup has the potential for exponential growth sooner rather than later.