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The Success Story of Atlas Trading Founder, PJ Matlock

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We all know the simple concept of trading where brokers buy and sell stock through an exchange, charging a commission to do so. Through trading, we can get success as well as suffer a huge loss. Let me introduce you to Perry Matlock, a stock Trader and one of the founders of Atlas Trading.  Perry Matlock widely known as PJ along with his friends founded Atlas trading in May 2020. He started an account with $30000 and within 7 months he has earned a profit of over 7 million.

Initially, when PJ started trading, he did not found success instantly. He had a hard time when he started trading.  He was aware of the fact that he is responsible for his wife and daughter so he did not have enough money to lose in the first place. His savings ran out as he kept losing money in trading which made him struggle and he was on the brink of giving up. People around him continuously asked him to quit trading and move on. But it was not at all easy for Perry as he has invested quite a lot of money and giving up would make him question his life decision. But that’s when he realised patience was the only key to success. Even though he losing a lot of money but other people were making money with trading which gave him hope that he will also succeed this made him continue trading. Luckily, he did not give up and found huge success and became an inspiration to many people. He believes trading is a tough path, but one should not lose hope and give up because one can eventually overcome the problems and become successful.

Atlas trading which PJ and his friends founded is one of the world’s largest Trading chat rooms. The chat rooms are not only free but also packed with knowledge of trading. PJ often post his stock picture and also gives knowledge of trading to people for free on his social media. When people asked him why does he give free knowledge to others he replied he wants to create a community for people. He said making money alone is easy but making it with helping other people is a big deal.

His Twitter handle has about 283.5k followers and has about 150k members in the Atlas trading. According to him, everyone should learn trading, rather than expecting money returns. Trading is pure knowledge and learning it properly will bring them money.

If you want to connect to PJ, you can check out his social media handle (link given below).

Instagram: https://instagram.com/pjmatlock

Facebook: https://facebook.com/PJMatlock

Twitter: https://twitter.com/pj_matlock