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Trading Educator Matt Thayer Reflects On His Rise To Success

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Matthew Thayer is now regarded as one of the most influential traders with his big impact on the lives of many people who have built their trading portfolios by following his strategies. However, before he achieved success and used his knowledge to educate thousands about his expertise, he had to first deal with a lot of obstacles.

Matt is a financial educator from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is renowned as a trader and life coach. He’s also credited for creating the CashTrap strategy which has changed the lives of many people.

Before all the success in trading, Matt used to work for World Ventures, a travel company initially based in Plano, Texas. Although his career was stable, he couldn’t help but feel that there was something else in store for him as he didn’t have a passion for traveling. When IM Mastery Academy was introduced to him by Alex Morton, it didn’t take long for him to decide to change his path.

The reason for his decision was his interest in network marketing. Trading wasn’t something that he was passionate about at first. Matt admits that in the earlier days of his endeavor, he wasn’t coachable and he ended up blowing many accounts.

It was then that Matt realized that it was his focus and approach that kept him from advancing in his career. This realization pushed him to put all his efforts into making trading work for him. Only when he overcame his personal barriers was he able to attain a lot of success in his chosen endeavor.

Matt then used his knowledge to coach a small team on how to trade. The number of individuals attending his sessions grew as he continued to be more successful. Today, he has thousands of students attending his trading sessions where he shares his trading strategies. He is one of the top educators in IM Mastery Academy.

He created the CashTrap strategy that is much simpler to understand and easier to put into practice. Through this, Matt has changed thousands of lives by teaching them how to make money and grow their portfolio.

Over his last two and a half years as a trader and educator, Matt has created a massive trading portfolio and went from a group of 200 students watching him weekly to now over 250k weekly. More than what he makes, Matt is proud of himself that he could help thousands of individuals to grow their trading portfolios and create wealth for themselves and their families.

Matt’s journey to success teaches that to reach greater heights, you first need to accept what you’re lacking and be willing to learn. It was his determination to stop blowing accounts that motivated him to learn trading strategies. Meanwhile, his experience pushed him to be a financial educator as he understood the importance of a coach in trading.

You can learn more about Matt by following him on Instagram @matthewthayer and Facebook. You can also join his trading programs to learn the strategies needed to grow your portfolio and build wealth for you and your family.