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Benny Da Jeweler Diamond Pieces Are In Demand in the Entertainment Industry

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Diamonds never go out of fashion. This is proved by all the high-profile celebrities who always don expensive and unique diamond jewellery. However, have you ever wondered who creates those distinguishably unique pieces and their cost of production? Benny Nisanov belongs to this list of talented jewellers who makes the best quality customized diamond pieces for many A list celebrities. He is also called ‘Benny Da Jeweler’. He lives in Manhattan, New York and has been in this Jewellery making industry for almost eight years.

Nisanov’s Jewellery business was handed over by his father who decided to leave it in his hands and retire after working continually for twenty years. Benny’s Jewellery shop is situated along 47th Street in Diamond District, NYC. His shop offers a range of products starting from rings for engagement, tennis chains with stone crust. His recent endeavours include deals with A-list celebrities as well as athletes. His celebrity client list includes famous personas such as Lil Tjay, Tim Hardaway Jr., Mary J. Blige, Combs Family, etcetera.

The process of manufacturing the unique designs is very intricate and carried out by Benny himself. Firstly, he makes a rough sketch of the piece and after the client’s approval, carves out a wooden 3d mould. Finally, he makes the final Jewellery piece by hand. His product price usually ranges from $10,000 to $100,000. The products he crafts for Celebrities and athletes are generally more expensive. He confessed that his highest purchase was done by an anonymous person who bought it for a quarter of a million dollars.

Celebrities tend to purchase Jewellery from high end established brands. However, Benny Nisanov is an exception. His quality, creative and unique designs have impressed countless high-profile personas who went to sing his praise in the entertainment industry. This further increased his popularity. Benny was single-handedly able to transform his small business into such a profitable one. It is solely due to his talent and hard work.

Benny further talked about his expensive deals with celebrity clients. His recent deal was with singer and song composer Mary J. Blige. It involved a six-figure Transaction of around $250,000. He also customized a pendant for rapper Lil Tjay with the inscription ” CEO Trench Kid”. Diddy, another famous musician, is also a loyal follower of Benny’s Jewellery designs. In fact, he made sure that his entire family purchased pieces from him.

Benny is quite happy and satisfied with his jewellery shop’s progress and fame. However, he does not wish to stop here. He plans to expand and branch out his shops in the States. He is yet to finalize the place. Keep up with Benny’s latest, unique and handmade jewellery designs on his social media handles.

Instagram: @BennyDaJeweler

Website: http://www.jewelsbyBenny.com

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