These 10 VPNs Are All on Sale For An Extra 30% Off For A Limited Time

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Whether it’s paying bills or scrolling through your cousin’s vacation photos, you do a lot of stuff online. And even if you’re not on a public Wi-Fi network, logging on makes you vulnerable to hackers, identity theft, and more. But we have 10 fantastic VPNs to help keep you and your family safe online, and lucky for you, they’re all discounted during this semi-annual sale.

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FastestVPN: Lifetime Subscription (10 Devices) – $17.49

Granting access to up to 10 users, this VPN is ideal for small businesses and households. Boasting military-grade 256-bit AES encryption on its more than 200 servers, FastestVPN is easy to use on all of your devices, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and more, and it’ll never slow down streaming or browsing speeds. It even supports USA Netflix!

Get a lifetime subscription to FastestVPN (10 devices) for $17.49 (reg. $1200) with code ANNUAL30.

Ivacy VPN: Lifetime Subscription – $27.99

Winner of the 2019 Fastest VPN Award, this online security system uses powerful 256-bit encryption to ensure no one can see your browsing history and gives you P2P file-sharing with complete anonymity. Capable of being used by up to five different devices simultaneously, this VPN can protect your entire household by offering you more than 1,000 servers in over 100 different locations around the world.

Get a lifetime subscription to Ivacy VPN for $27.99 (reg. $1,194) with code ANNUAL30.

SurfShark VPN: 2-Yr Subscription – $39.89

Dodge geo-restrictions and slow browsing and streaming speeds thanks to this VPN’s over 1200 torrent-friendly servers. And thanks to its incorporated CleanWeb™, you’ll experience the joy of logging on without dealing with annoying ads, trackers, and malware. Plus, its strict no-logging policy keeps you completely anonymous.

Get a two-year subscription to SurfShark VPN for $39.89 (reg. $290) with code ANNUAL30.

BulletVPN: Lifetime Subscription – $27.29

Praised for being a “reliable, fast, and secure VPN provider” by the VPN Guru, BulletVPN uses highly encrypted servers to keep you completely anonymous while you surf the web, send emails, and do anything else online. And while its protection is stellar, it never slows down streaming speeds on top entertainment sites, like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and more.

Get a lifetime subscription to BulletVPN for $27.29 (reg. $540) with code ANNUAL30.

Disconnect VPN Premium: Lifetime Subscription – $13.99

This highly-rated VPN blocks tracking requests from connecting to your devices, increasing browsing speeds, and even extending battery life. And no matter where you are, you can be sure no one can see where you’re logging on from, keeping everything completely anonymous. It’s no wonder VPN Mentor gave it 4/5 stars!

Get a lifetime subscription to Disconnect VPN Premium for $13.99 (reg. $300) with code ANNUAL30.

SlickVPN: Lifetime Subscription – $13.99

Whether you’re traveling abroad or typing away at your local coffee shop, having anonymity online is critical, and SickVPN keeps you safe in over 45 countries around the world. Boasting an incredibly secure connection, you can handle sensitive online tasks, even banking, without ever worrying about being tracked by hackers, ads, or anything else.

Get a lifetime subscription to SlickVPN for $13.99 (reg. $1,200) with code ANNUAL30.

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited: Lifetime Subscription – $27.99

More than 10 million people all over the globe trust KeepSolidVPN to keep them safe and secure online, complete with zero bandwidth limits or geographic restrictions and complete anonymity. No matter where you are, KeepSolid has tons of servers all over the world, ensuring you stay safe online wherever you go.

Get a lifetime subscription to KeepSolidVPN Unlimited for $27.99 (reg. $199) with code ANNUAL30. 10-Year Subscription – $55.99

The fastest-growing VPN in Asia, this online security program gives users unrestricted online access with military-grade encryption and incredible Internet speeds. Rated an impressive 4.9/5 stars on Trustpilot, people all over the world are trusting Not only is it compatible with a wide range of devices, but it even protects you while you use Wi-Fi hotspots to surf the web.

Get a 10-year subscription to for $55.99 (reg. $1,080) with code ANNUAL30.

NordVPN 2-Yr Subscription + $10 Store Credit – $62.30

When it comes to trust-worthy VPNs, this one reigns king, with a handful of high online ratings, including perfect 5-star scores on Trustpilot, CNET, and PC Mag. Not only does it follow a strict no-logging policy, NordVPN boasts 5,390 worldwide server locations in 59 different countries, keeping you safe no matter where you use the web. And if the VPN connection ever drops, your site is automatically shut down so you’re never left vulnerable.

Get a two-year subscription and a $10 store credit to NordVPN for $62.30 (reg. $286) with code ANNUAL30.

Private Internet Access VPN 2-Yr Subscription + $15 Store Credit – $48.97

Surf the web at lighting-fast speeds while experiencing complete protection online. With its new MACE feature, you can block ads, malware, and trackers, and encrypt important personal data with the cryptographically secure Blowfish CBC algorithm. And with access to over 100 servers in 70 different countries, you can remain protected no matter where life takes you.

Get a two-year subscription and $15 store credit to Private Internet Access VPN for $48.97 (reg. $268) with code ANNUAL30.