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Dr. Alexis Parcells on the 3 Must-Have Skincare Products

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Investing in the health of your skin not only improves your appearance but is good for your health. While there are numerous skin care products to choose from, most people still get confused about what is best for them.

Dr. Alexis Parcells (@alexisparcellsmd) is a renowned plastic surgeon, clinical instructor, author, and active volunteer for various breast cancer organizations. She is also an advocate for women’s health empowerment, and the Founder and CEO of Sunnie Skin, a skincare wrinkle-reducing studio. Some of the services offered by Sunnie include Botox, fillers, and CO2 laser to protect and correct fine lines and sun damage protection. They also sell clean medical-grade skincare products.

According to Dr. Parcells, even with the market flooded with so many skincare and beauty products, some are ineffective and can damage the skin. With over seven years of working experience, she has come across several cases of skincare products gone wrong. She says low-quality products can have a long-term effect on your skin if you do not treat your skin properly.

Here are three must-have skincare items as recommended by Dr. Parcells.

  • SPF

Dr. Parcells says using SPF daily helps prevent your skin from getting wrinkles and protects you from harmful rays from the sun. The UV rays from the sun can cause wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, and loss of firmness to the skin. Dr. Parcells notes that regular use of SPF is one of the proven ways to prevent signs of aging. To choose the right SPF, Dr. Parcells advises that people should decide based on their daily activities.

  • Cleanser

Cleansing your skin helps eliminate dead skin cells, toxins, excess oils in the skin, and dirt. Dr. Parcells notes regular cleansing of the skin helps clear your pores and boosts hydration. If not appropriately cleaned, Dr. Parcells says the dirt and other particles accumulated on your skin can cause breakouts.

  • Eye cream

The skin around the eye is usually very delicate. Dr. Parcells stresses the need to use eye creams to prevent wrinkles and dark spots. Compared to other parts, the skin around the eye tends to quickly show signs of aging and fatigue. Dr. Parcells says regular use of eye cream prevents the skin around the eye from wrinkles. Since the area around the eye is delicate, Dr. Parcells emphasizes the proper use of eye creams of high quality that have little to no side effects.

While the above skincare products prevent the skin from wrinkles, other non-surgical procedures like laser resurfacing and Botox injections can be used for improving the appearance. Before undergoing any surgical or non-surgical procedure, Dr. Parcells insists on doing research and a proper consultation with board-certified plastic surgeons.

Achieving healthy skin takes time and effort. Healthy skin will help you make a wonderful first impression. Unless you put in the work, achieving beautiful and clear skin will be difficult. Sunnie Skin wants to make you look and feel your best by protecting and improving the health of your skin. There are various procedures available, and you can consult experts to choose the best treatment for your skin.