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Consistency Makes Things Possible, per Brandon Rangel

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The secret sauce in the recipe for success is consistency. The sun goes down and comes back up, bringing with it a brand-new day, full of possibilities and duties.

The way to grab the opportunities is by being diligent about the responsibilities we are obliged to carry out. Successful entrepreneur Brandon Rangel shares his view on staying focused and how showing up at work every day has helped him and his enterprise.

According to Rangel, “the biggest threat to the growth of any business is laziness.” He doesn’t mince his words when he says that people who procrastinate are just being lazy. For him, a thing has to be done on time, every time. “It’s like repeatedly striking at hot steel to fashion the sword. The repetitive, consistent swing of the arm and the pounding of the hammerhead on the bright red metal helps attain the perfection that you have set for it,” he explains.

For Rangel, consistency is the repetitive action that makes great things possible. But most people cannot manage to build up enough momentum to achieve consistency in their work and life. One of the reasons for this, according to Rangel, is that people undermine their own abilities.

“When a person undermines their own abilities they tend to self-sabotage themselves. You place yourself in a position that weakens your ability to perform, and causes a lot of disbelief in yourself. Consistency is about being courageous and believing in your God given abilities to continue your growth process,” reveals Rangel.

Another reason for the lack of consistency is because people fail to be disciplined.

“We live in a world where a lot of people crave instant gratification. They look for quick pleasures. They do one thing, feel good, and then they stop because they get a dopamine hit. To reach success it’s a continuous amount of effort on a daily basis,” says Rangel.

Brandon Rangel dedicates his success to the consistency he shows towards his work. “It is easier said than done. It is challenging to develop the habit of taking action every day and making the right decisions. But it is not impossible,” he concludes.