Police Release Video Showing Woman Screaming For Help Inside Van

[Twitter Screenshot Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department]

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department released a video Monday appearing to show a woman frantically screaming for help inside a vehicle.

The sheriff’s department received a call Thursday night about suspicious activity near the intersection of Calgrove Boulevard and Creekside Drive in Newhall, according to Fox 11. Video released by the department shows a van stopped on the street as a woman can be heard begging for help and violently screaming “somebody help me,” as a man and woman film the scene from their home.

“Call 9-1-1,” the camera man screams as he continues recording. The cameraman can be heard saying the woman was being abducted, however, police have not confirmed whether she was abducted. (RELATED: Woman Saved From Abductor By Leaving Notes In Bathrooms)

“Why are you doing this?” the cameraman yells as the woman’s now muffled screams can be heard. The woman eventually begins pleading again “please help me, please help me,” as police are called. However, the van suddenly drives off, video shows.

The sheriff’s office is asking for help identifying the van and any information about the occupants of the vehicle.

Violent crime in Los Angeles continues to rise compared to levels from 2019 and 2020, with spikes in homicide and shootings, according to NBC Los Angeles. Los Angeles Police Department Chief Michel Moore told the L.A. Police Commission in June that the “underlying influences” of the violence tend to be  “involved with gangs” and that gang-related crime “continues to be the highest area of concentration,” the outlet reported.